30 Jun 2022

A postcard from Sweden – Time for Midsommar!

Midsummer in Sweden

It has been a busy time for us so far this summer, with travels to both the UK and now to Sweden! It is so wonderful to be able to travel again after two years at home and lovely to catch up with friends and relatives in both countries. 

Midsummer in Sweden

We arrived in Sweden just in time for the big Midsummer festival which involves music, folk dances and the raising of a huge Midsummer pole at various locations. We visited Sundbyholm Castle just to the west of Stockholm for the event and enjoyed watching the large Midsummer Pole being lifted into position in front of the lake. 

The pole is in the shape of a cross with two circular rings below and is usually completely swathed with leaves and flowers. Sometimes flags and ribbons in the Swedish colours of blue and yellow are also attached for extra colour.

It was quite an effort for the team of pole raisers, with everyone calling out encouraging "Ehhh-Up!" shouts as it was lifted up. Then when it was up and bolted into place, a huge cheer went up from the large crowd of on-lookers.

Midsummer in Sweden

The pole was not the only thing decorated with flowers, as many people had beautiful flower garlands on their heads too. Even the local ponies giving rides up and down the shady avenue of trees had flowers braided into their tails.

I love the wildflowers over here. Every path and road has flowers alongside in a profusion of colours. Farmers even sow wildflowers in a wide strip around their fields to provide a habitat for bees, nesting birds and other wild creatures. It gives such a wonderful colour to the edges of the fields.

Flowers are especially important at Midsummer as it is said that if you gather seven different types of wild flowers on Midsummer night and place them under your pillow, then you will dream of the future love of your life!

Weymouth Shoulder Bag by Moira Ravenscroft / Wyndlestraw Designs

So what have I been working on during my travels? Well, I have been so enjoying using my new Weymouth Shoulder Bag that I wrote about in my last blogpost so I decided to line a few of my other bags! The lining for the Weymouth Shoulder Bag was so simple and easy to make so I wanted to use this idea for other bags too. It certainly produces a sturdy bag that can carry a lot of weight.

I love stretchy bags that can expand to whatever size of awkward packaging a supermarket can devise, but being able to carry a couple of cartons of milk or orange juice home is a real benefit too.

So I cut some fabric before we left on our travels and set to the other day to attach it to my BYOB Market Bag. I really like the way this turned out, so I am going to see if I can rustle up a couple of photos for next time.

Until next time – enjoy Mid-Summer wherever you are!


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