22 Jul 2016

New pattern - Aelwen Baby Dress


There no two ways about it - little girls just look pretty in pink. It's lovely to see them in other colours too, of course, but pink just makes every baby girl look her very best. And this year, it is the height of fashion - even "grown up" girls are sporting this colour!

So here is a baby dress that will make your little one look cute as a button.

This is the Aelwen Baby Dress which features a patterned hem and a soft flowing skirt gathered into a beautiful lace yoke. And in case you are wondering, "Aelwen" is a lovely Welsh girl's name and is pronounced "I'll - when".

It is worked in a soft, draping cotton yarn which feels cool and fresh so can be worn right next to the skin or over a light-weight top. 

The yarn is Knit Picks "Shine" Sport, which I used in the Kimpton Scarf in 2014. I love this yarn, because it is soft and drapey with a lovely 60:40 blend of cotton and Beechwood rayon. It feels cool and silky to the touch - just perfect for these high summer temperatures we have right now. 

The dress has large buttons at the back so is easy to put on and off even the most wriggly of juniors. The pattern is worked seamlessly so there is very little finishing to do after the knitting is complete and there are four different sizes, ranging from 3 months to 2 years of age. 

Make several in different colours and prepare for your little one to be coo’ed over!

For more information about the Aelwen Baby Dress pattern, please see my website. The pattern is also available as an iBook from the iBookstore.

Happy (Baby) Knitting!


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