28 Apr 2014

Kimpton Scarf

You know how it is at this time of year — one minute it's warm and the next you find yourself looking for an extra layer which you can quickly throw on. This is where this new scarf, the Kimpton Scarf and Wrap, fits right in. It is lightweight and lacy, yet really provides some much-needed warmth when the evenings start to chill down.

The pattern takes its name from an English village, Kimpton in Hertfordshire. I was sitting on a large fallen log by the side of a footpath and gazing across the rapeseed fields to Kimpton Church when I was finishing this off. Have a look at my previous blogpost for some photos of the fields in the area in full bloom. 

The scarf is worked in a completely reversible stitch which is so important for an item such as this. When you are putting a scarf on, then taking it off again, then reaching for it once more, you really need a reversible pattern. The last thing you want to do is have to worry about which is the "right side" or the "wrong side". Just grab it, wrap it and feel warmer! 

The stitch pattern is called Garter Drop Stitch and was taken from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. Garter Drop Stitch is a pretty, openwork variation of Garter Stitch with bands of Garter Stitch and elongated stitches for a lovely combination. 

The Kimpton Scarf is worked lengthwise which allows the stitch to be shown to its best advantage. The result is simple yet sophisticated. 

I worked the sample here in Knit Picks "Shine" sport yarn, which is 60% cotton and 40% Modal, a natural Beech wood fibre. The resulting yarn is silky and soft to wear. It really shows up the stitch definition well and drapes beautifully. I posted some photos of this yarn in an earlier blogpost "Sunshine and Daffodils".

The Kimpton Scarf and Wrap is an easy pattern to knit and would be perfect to work on during day-trips in the car or a picnic at the park. Here is a project you can finish during the current season! 

For more details about this pattern, please click here.

Happy Spring Knitting!


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