29 Apr 2015


There are many different websites and on-line sources where you can view and buy knitting patterns, including Craftsy, Etsy, LoveKnitting, Ravelry and many more. 

They seem to operate very happily next to each other as they each have their own character in terms of what they offer and their range of interests. It is also true to say that people get quite attached to one or another of these sites and will usually make it their "Go To" place. Perhaps the pattern search might suit you better on one site or the photo displays and knitting details might be more appealing in another.

One of the sites that I like working with is Kollabora. It is a fairly recent on-line source and I love the vitality and energy of the team behind it. You can feel their enthusiasm when you post a new project or upload a pattern. Their newsletters and updates fairly pulse with bright ideas coming from all different styles of textile crafts.

So, I felt very honoured when they asked if they could feature me in their series Nora Meets the Maker and the interview was published this week. I was initially wondering if I could find some pictures of me knitting outside, only to realize that in almost every photo I had knitting in my hands! Ah well, it's good to have obsessions...

Kollabora are also featuring my FFCT Wrap - Feather and Fan, Cables and Tulips pattern in their Spring-time knitting collection, so thank you to them in addition for that. There are more details about the FFCT Wrap here, and I also posted about the inspiration for the wrap here

Happy Spring Knitting!


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