28 Oct 2017

It's knitting time

I love our itinerant lifestyle — always on the move, never staying still for long. Recently our travels took us through the mountains of North Carolina, a place that is very dear to our hearts. It was the first state we lived in when we moved to the USA and it still feels like home in many ways. 

One thing that still strikes us afresh each time we visit though is the quality of the light. The air seems clearer here, the skies more blue, the colours more intense.

So it was that one early morning saw me sitting on a sun-warmed rock by the side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. My husband Tim was at the far-side of the area taking photos of the hazy distant views. Three birds were calling to each other, first one in the tree near me then two replies from further away. 

Everywhere was still and calm. A thin column of steam rose from the valley floor into the air and the mists moved lazily in the dips and hollows between the lower hills.

A slightly chilly breeze reminded me that we were at 5000' and I wrapped my scarf a little tighter around my neck to keep warm. 

The wind was not uncomfortably cold but it did serve as a timely reminder that autumn is upon us and the snow will not be far behind. You could feel it in the air that morning as clearly as if another few pages of the calendar had just turned over all at once. 

I looked down at my knitting, which had been sitting idly in my hands while I gazed at the scene and started the next row with a renewed sense of purpose.

It's knitting time...

Happy Autumn knitting!


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Many thanks to Tim to his great photos. If you would like to see more of his work, these please visit his Flickr site.

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