19 Jul 2019

My WIP - Working in Pink

About this time three years ago, I wrote about the fashion colour forecasting company Pantone's duo-colour choice for the "2016 Colour of the Year", in which a battle royale between pink and blue resulted in a draw! 

That was the first time that Pantone had chosen a double colour for the award and certainly some eyebrows were raised at the concept. However, the pink side of that equation proved highly accurate as that particular shade of rose quartz was seen everywhere that year.

Well, over the last few years that shade of pink has gradually morphed into a stronger and slightly bluer shade, away from the soft yellowy Rose Quartz and into one of this year's key colours, Aurora Pink. 

Teamed with stronger shades of hot pink, or contrasting with corals and yellows, this fresh new pink colour was evident in many runway shows for Spring and Summer 2019.

And although it is a shade we haven't seen for a few years, it does feel very familiar. Which of us ladies did not have a ballerina outfit in just that colour when we were young? So this fits nicely with two of the themes in the fashion magazines in recent months: Ballerina outfits and Nostalgia. 

Well, I am not sure if I am quite ready to don a tutu right now even if they are in fashion, but I am loving the pink yarns in the shops. I recently found a lovely pink colour in the Sublime "Baby cashmere merino silk DK" range and it arrived just before we went to Japan so I could try it out while we were travelling. 

The yarn is wonderfully soft and is knitting up beautifully. I am currently working on a pink lacy cardigan and am loving how this is coming. So this is a double "WIP" – not just a Work in Progress, but I am also Working in Pink! 

The cardi is in a boxy, Chanel-style and I am planning to add some slim plain-knit sleeves when I have finished the 2nd front. I'll post more pictures as I work!

In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying your summer knitting and managing to keep cool!

Until next time - Happy Knitting!


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