23 Jul 2008

Small and stripey bags

In the last few blogposts, I have been looking at colour variations of the BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag! knitting pattern. However, it is possible to make other subtle changes for a completely different style of bag. 

The original bag had a solid Seed Stitch base and a flexible mesh mid-section. However, you could delete the lace part of the pattern and work the bags completely in Seed Stitch. This not only changes the nature of the bag (and also the overall size to some extent), but also allows you to play with different colour combinations.

The bag in the photograph above, for example, has a 26-Round pattern repeat with thick and thin stripes. I worked this in the Fired Earth colourway that I wrote about here, but I could imagine this in a variety of different colours for some spectacular bags.

The second one has evenly-sized stripes but with extra interest formed by the change of the leading contrast colour in the pattern repeat. This is only a simple change in the colour patterning, but it gives quite a complex result.

Changing to an all Seed Stitch fabric makes these into good, strong bags well-suited for moderately heavy loads of shopping. I often use these bags when I am heading to the shopping mall or elsewhere and find them great for more general shopping. And, of course, if you are not a fan of Seed Stitch, then you could even substitute a completely different stitch pattern! 

By now we have come a long way from the original design, but with only subtle changes in the overall pattern. 

Please click here to see all my bag patterns, including a set of four linen-lined bags for all your heavier shopping loads.

Happy Knitting! 


Next Up: Basketweave Bag

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