30 Sept 2013

Market Bag Knit-along #8 - The BYOB Market Bag

So we come to the last of this series of blogposts on working the BYOB Market Bag and the new pattern is ready! 

Doesn't this look different from the original BYOB 2.0 pattern? Here's where we started with the BYOB 2.0 bags:

These are striped bags worked with a deep base, a relatively narrow central section and grip handles to hold in your hand or carry over your arm. And now here is the new BYOB Market Bag – a very stylish shoulder bag worked in a single colour:

I think you'll agree – it looks like a different bag! So perhaps this will inspire you to try other variations of the BYOB 2.0 to make a unique bag for yourself.

For example, you could work a version in a Medium or Large size for a summer beach bag, and the Extra Small size is perfect for little gift bags for your next party or Halloween "Trick or Treating". 

Or you could colour-code your BYOB Market Bags so you always use the same colour for different produce!

If you delve into the deep history in this blog you'll find other variations I have suggested for the BYOB 2.0 bags including the version above on the right which uses a Fibonacci sequence for the stripes. 

See the post dated 12 Aug 2009 "Bags of Bags" for lots of ideas, such as these pink and white striped bags and many others. You can also browse my website where you will see a variety of bags, including some lined with fabric or canvas.

I hope you enjoy the new BYOB Market Bag pattern. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions – I'm always pleased to hear from everyone. I love making knitted bags (can you tell!) so please visit my website from time to time to see any new ones that I have added.

See you next time.

Happy Knitting!


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