18 Nov 2016

Keep them warm this winter

 It's a funny thing but when you feel cold, you tend to grab a scarf or a thick pair of socks to protect your extremities. However, most country folk know that what you really need to do is think about your core temperature — keeping your head, heart and lungs warm. 

As children, we would all be firmly layered up with a warm wool vest, shirt, sweater and gilet jacket as we set out to play in the snow. The hat and scarf added as an after-thought might end up on the snowman but the other items did the job of keeping us the right temperature.

A gilet jacket is great for this as it protects the shoulders and mid-section while leaving your arms free to move — essential for a decent snow-ball fight! 

So here's a gilet jacket that you could make now to keep little boys and girls warm during their winter play-time or when they are walking to school. This is the Hebden Gilet Jacket and is sized for kiddies aged 2-8. 

The essential of a good bodywarmer or gilet is that the fabric should trap pockets of air. These air pockets insulate the body, keeping the warm air inside and the cold where it belongs.

The gilet here features a lovely double-sided stitch from our new book, Reversible Knitting StitchesThe stitch is called Imitation Lattice and produces an almost quilted effect, with rugged diamond motifs standing out against a purl background. 

The photo above shows the Right Side/RS of the stitch pattern on the left and the Wrong Side/WS on the right. The WS photo shows the deep texture in this stitch pattern, and it is this that gives the fabric its warmth and insulating properties.

The Hebden Gilet Jacket is made from a soft and cozy merino yarn, Lang Merino 120, and features large snap-fasteners for an authentic gilet look.

If you would like to see more information about this knitting pattern, then please click here

Until next time - Keep warm!


. 27/7/18 W


  1. It looks great! I used to have a similar one under my school coat and I'd forgotten all about it. You've inspired me to make another! x

    1. Thanks! Yes, gilets are great for play-time and on the way to school - extra warmth just where you need it.



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