11 Apr 2017

Zen knitting

There is something delightful about Spring. The long still evenings, the scent of flowers in the air, the quiet buzzing of insects and a gentle glow in the sky as the sun goes down at the end of a warm day. 

Even in Florida, where daffodils and tulips never appear (except in other people's Facebook photos), we have the same feeling of change. The oaks are greener and the palm trees are bedecked with heavy fronds of waxy yellow flowers. Bright orange butterflies flit past and the sun is noticeably further around before it finally fades away.

It's evenings like this that call for some Zen knitting. Something where your hands can do all the work while your mind is somewhere else. You can even let your hands be still for a moment and pick up the work again without forgetting where you are.

I was musing on this the other day as I sipped a perfectly chilled glass of wine, my knitting waiting patiently for me to resume. I had decided to knit another Kimpton Scarf in a beautifully soft cotton/bamboo yarn. A cool breeze suddenly blew into the courtyard where we were sitting and I wrapped the previous Kimpton Scarf around myself. Aha! Now I knew what I wanted to knit — a wrap!

I dived indoors and counted the number of balls of yarn I had left and calculated what I would need. Yes, I had enough — whew.

I returned outside and continued to cast on. The sun filtered through the palm fronds and it didn't take long for the zen feeling to resume. The breeze had settled down as fast as it had come and I relaxed, knowing that I now have enough knitting for a few more glorious Spring evenings.

I'll post some pictures here when I have a bit more done on this. In the meantime, here are some photos from the newly renamed Kimpton Scarf and Wrap pattern. I have updated the pattern already so if you'd like to knit a summer wrap, then please join me! 

Until then, enjoy your Zen Knitting!


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