15 Aug 2017

Teversham Cowl and Headwarmer

It's great when serendipity changes your plans, at least where knitting is concerned. In my last blogpost I was recounting the story of what happens when you discover a new wool shop with a treasure trove of yarns. That was how I discovered a new-to-me merino-mix yarn in a lovely colour pallette, Coop Knits Socks Yeah DK. I was especially taken with the combination of a soft graphite colour and a lighter silver grey. 

I walked around the store for a while with a skein of both in my hands and then decided it was perfect for a cowl. Later on I decided that I should have purchased more as it proved so good I wanted to make a headwarmer too! So here is the Teversham Cowl and Headwarmer.

Cowls are hot fashion items right now — understandably since they are so easy to put on and provide instant warmth just where you need it. Cowls are great for stopping those chilly draughts that seem to find the gap at the back of your collar or that annoying cold spot where your jacket doesn't quite close at the front. 

They are so easy to slip on, don't flap around like a scarf does when you are cycling, and are small enough to stuff into a shoulder bag when you get to the other end of your journey. Just perfect for these end-of-season days when a small change in the wind direction can take the temperature down 20 degrees.

The Teversham Cowl uses a reversible stitch from our Book Reversible Knitting Stitches and this gives this cowl another great advantage — you don't have to be especially careful when putting it on since both sides look good.

I loved the way the colours worked for the cowl and was quite sad when I finished it so quickly. So I immediately cast-on a smaller number of stitches and made a matching headwarmer. Gosh this is cozy! I always find my ears are the first things that get cold in the autumn and this headwarmer works perfectly to give that lovely extra feeling of warmth around the head without the bulk of a full knitted hat.

If you are lucky enough to have long hair then you'll also appreciate the open top so you don't smush your hair-style while wearing this. I used to love having long hair and still remember the joy of finding head-gear that worked well with pony-tails and plaits.

To see more details about the Teversham Cowl and Headwarmer knitting pattern, please click here. The pattern includes stitch charts and full line-by-line instructions and is available for instant download from my website.

Until next time — keep warm!


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Our Book: Reversible Knitting Stitches

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