14 Sept 2015

New pattern - Ennismore Lap-Rug

I always love the autumn. The harvest is coming in, schoolchildren are returning to class with their fresh backpacks and crisp new uniforms, and the squirrels are chasing around gathering nuts with a frenetic energy. We were watching four of them demolishing the berries from a dogwood tree outside our window the other day. It was as though someone had fired a starting pistol to commence a berry-eating contest!

Of course, they're no fools. They know that tonight's cool evening will soon become tomorrow's snow-laden day. It really is time to prepare for the winter ahead.

So here's a new pattern to keep the first of those winter chills away, the Ennismore Lap-Rug. The pattern includes instructions for two different sizes. The smaller size is just right for someone sitting in a chair or wheelchair and is wide enough to keep the draughts at bay without being cumbersome to use. This size of blanket is also great to keep you warm when you're on a long car or plane journey.

There is also a larger size which is a little wider and is extra-long to cover your feet when you want to relax with your feet up at the end of a day.

The lap-rugs feature a wonderfully textural, reversible stitch pattern called Diagonal Furrows from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. The stitch puts me in mind of a freshly-ploughed field, which is so appropriate for this time of the year. 

Do you remember when all the ploughing was done by horse-drawn ploughs? Well, no, I don't either! But there is still something very nostalgic about seeing the regular pattern of ridges in a newly-ploughed field. It gives not only a sense of completion but also a promise for the year ahead. So it's good to see the echo of that feeling for this season's theme of #knittingahead!

Both versions of the lap-rug are worked in a beautifully soft superwash yarn, Cascade 220 Superwash, so are easy to launder and care for.

For more details about the Ennismore Lap-Rug pattern, please click here. The pattern is available for instant download from my website so you can start to feel warmer very soon.

Happy Knitting!


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