24 Sep 2016

Choices, choices...


I do love print books, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as being able to dip into a book while you are on the road. Just being able to quickly check some detail or other, or search for a new stitch for that perfect yarn you have just found is invaluable.

So when we were planning our new E-Book, Reversible Knitting Stitches, we wanted to make sure that it could be used on a wide range of devices. I see that right now there are queues of people waiting to buy the new iPhone, and every time there is an iPad upgrade it makes headline news. I have a very geriatric iPad but still love it for its ease of navigating E-Books. 

You can dip in and out of a book, jump ahead, go back to where you just were or read something in depth. I also love the way that it links to my computer and phone so everything stays, quite literally, on the same page. It just makes life so lovely and simple.

However, I have found increasingly that I have been using my phone for accessing my E-books. Initially I thought it would be too small to be practical, but instead have found that I really like the way you can zoom in to see small details.

Of course, tablets and phones are great when you are mobile, but I tend to use my computer more when I am at home. The great thing about reading the book in this way is that you can elect to view just a single page or see two pages at a time, so it feels like a print book. 

You may need to just check your settings for this. In Acrobat Reader, set the "Page View" to "Two Page View" then check the "View > Show Cover Page in Two-Page View". You will then be able to scroll through the E-book much as you would a print book.

You can also use the "Navigation" menu to show the bookmarks list for the different Chapters and Sections, or view the thumbnail images to help locate stitches you'd like to investigate.

For more information about this new E-Book, then please click here to go to Anna's Kiku Knits website. The book can be purchased and downloaded directly from the site.

Thanks for all the great messages about the new book - it's so good to hear that everyone is as enthusiastic as we are ourselves!

Happy Knitting!

Moira and Anna

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