24 Sep 2016

Choices, choices...


I see that right now there are queues of people waiting to buy the new iPhone, and every time there is an iPad upgrade it makes headline news. I have a very geriatric iPad but still love it for its ease of navigating iBooks. You can dip in and out of a book, jump ahead, go back to where you just were or read something in depth. I also love the way that it links to my computer and phone so everything stays, quite literally, on the same page. It just makes life so lovely and simple.

Our new E-Book, Reversible Knitting Stitches, is available in several versions, one of which is an iBook. It certainly suits this format very well and looks great loaded up as you can see from the photo above. You can zip around from page to page, flick through the stitch thumbnails and make notes as you go. Zoom in to see details, click on the menu button at the top to go to the abbreviations list, search for something you remembered from yesterday etc. Super easy.

To see this on the iBookstore, then please click here. You can also download a sample book from the site and test it on your device.

However, not everyone has an iPad! So alongside the iBooks version, we worked on an alternative format for Kindle. This has a slightly longer, thinner page layout so is great for the Kindle Fire and other devices such as Android tablets and phones. It can also be viewed on an iPad, so if you like to work across a variety of platforms then this is a good option.

You can find this version on the Amazon store by clicking this link or through Anna's Kiku Knits pattern store.

Of course, tablets and phones are great when you are mobile, but I have to admit that I tend to use my computer more than an iPad when I am at home. So we really wanted a version of the book that would look good on a computer, hence the PDF E-Book version.

The great thing about this version is that you can elect to view just a single page or see two pages at a time, so it feels like a print book. Once again, you can quickly zip through thumbnail images in the Navigation Pane to scan for stitch designs that you'd like to investigate further and there is also a list of bookmarks to jump to the various chapters and sections. The E-Book can be viewed with Adobe Reader, Preview or any other pdf reader.

If you would like this version of the e-book, then please click here to go to Anna's Kiku Knits website.

Thanks for all the great messages about the new book - it's so good to hear that everyone is as enthusiastic as we are ourselves!

Happy Knitting!

Moira & Anna

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