21 Dec 2017

It's a Wrap

Ladies' fashion changed dramatically in the early 20th Century, from previously prim and proper attire to free-spirited and daring. By the 1920's, necklines had became more open and hemlines raised. Elaborately decorated dresses showed bared shoulders and long slender arms.

However, on leaving the dance hall or theatre, the 1920's lady would protect herself from the chills of a summer evening by wrapping herself in a stole. On a balmy night, a silky fringed stole would be draped becomingly over her arms. However, on a cooler evening, a warm wrap would be placed around her shoulders and fastened with an elaborate pin.

Those were elegant days for the fashionable set and even today designers will revisit the pages of 1920's fashion magazines for inspiration for their next collection. The wraps that became popular at that time are a case in point.

This is the 9th in a series of twelve blogposts, each one featuring a stitch from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitchesand showing a pattern which uses that stitch. We have been gradually counting down through the book and today we have reached Chapter 3: Large Blocks and Squares. 

Today I will be looking at a lovely modern pattern from this chapter, Square Lattice, and a warm wrap, the Scottswood Stole.

Square Lattice is a striking reversible stitch, with a lattice pattern that resembles a widely-spaced plain weave fabric. The vertical columns of stitches on the front face really do look as though they weave in and out of the design. The lattice framework encloses textured squares of Seed Stitch, adding extra detail to this side. 

On the reverse side, it is the blocks of Seed Stitch that form the principle pattern giving a modern cubist design. The fabric is thin and flexible with a lovely drape. It could be used for a wide variety of knitted items, such as a summer cardigan, a baby's pram cover or a light-weight shawl.

In the Scottswood Stole, the natural drape of the material is used to great effect. The wrap is knit in a 100% baby alpaca yarn for the ultimate in luxury. Warm, sophisticated and comfortable, the wrap provides the right amount of warmth just when you need it — perfect for a change of scene or a change of season.

For more details about the Scottswood Stole, please click here.

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