14 Dec 2017

Yarn choices and a man's tie

Have you ever noticed how different a knitting pattern can look when it is worked in a different yarn? I posted about this here when I was using a chunky yarn for a remake of one of my favourites scarves, the Elizabeth Scarf — it was only a small change of yarn thickness but it made a big difference to the final feel for the scarf.

In this series of blogposts, I am featuring 12 stitch patterns from our Reversible Knitting Stitches book, and then showing a knitting pattern where it has been used. Today's stitch pattern is one of those that can look completely different with an alternative yarn. The stitch is from Chapter 10 of our book and is called Purl Triangles. 

Purl Triangles is an easy stitch to work and gives a lovely flat fabric. The pattern has closely-spaced triangles formed of purl stitches which stand out from the background knit design. The straight edges of the triangles catch the light in a most interesting way, giving this pattern a very modern look.  

I could see this pattern being used with a softly twisted cotton to give a lovely set of hand towels and wash cloths, with the raised purl shapes giving both absorbency and a pleasing texture.

However, I could also envisage it worked in a fine tencel or bamboo yarn for a stunning bookmark. A slight sheen and tighter twist in the yarn would emphasize the strong textural details of the pattern and give a beautiful result.

In the Okehampton Tie, a crisp cotton/linen yarn has been used to show the details of the stitch and provide a good weight for a man's tie. Knitted ties have been around for a long time but have recently become hugely popular again. They just fill that awkward gap when you wish to be smart yet with a gentle nod towards the casual. 

If you would like to read more about the Okehampton Tie pattern, then please click here

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