2 Dec 2015

New reversible pattern - the Scottswood Stole

This week I find myself at the cutting edge of fashion. Yes I know that's hard to believe. I usually stick with what I like and wait for it to come around again, which it does with surprising rapidity. I usually find myself "fashionable" about every 5 or 6 years and in-between times I adopt the look of a mild eccentric in her long flowing skirts.

So I was quite intrigued when I completed the Scottswood Stole recently to be told that stoles and wraps are the key fashion accessory this year! And not only that, but the colour choice is also perfect too, with Pantone "Amethyst Orchid" being one of this season's highlights. How's that for being fashion forward?

I started working on this stole when we were visiting Japan recently and the first rows were cast on sitting on the wooden step where the poet Matsuo Basho wrote some of his most famous poems. Since he lived in the 17th C and here we are in the 21st, that's quite a timespan this project has seen!

The stole is worked in baby alpaca, and there's really nothing like it for pure luxury and warmth. It feels gentle to the touch and adds just the right degree of warmth just when you need it. As soon as you place an alpaca shawl or wrap around your shoulders you feel sophisticated and elegant. You just can't help it. 

I used Knit Picks "Andean Treasure" for this but there's many different alpaca yarns available these days, so I'm sure you can find something suitable nearby. 

The pattern features a reversible stitch called "Square Lattice" from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. The stitch has two contrasting looks: one face has echoes of a traditional woven cloth while the other has a modern cubist feel, giving it great versatility. 

So who do you know who deserves some extra luxury this season (yourself included)? The instructions include three different sizes so you can choose just the right one for the person you have in mind. For more information about the Scottswood Stole pattern, please click here.

If you've been following all of these #KnittingAhead projects, then this is the ninth one in the series and only 3 more to go! If you would like to see the start of the series and review them all, then please click this link to take you to the first blogpost. 

Next time, we'll turn our attention back to the home to get ready for mid-winter, but in the meantime I'll let Matsuo Basho have the last words:

Winter solitude — 
in a world of one colour,
the sound of wind.

                                                               Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

Happy Knitting!


. 26/7/18 W

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